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I write about technology, programming solution, and social.
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Expertise in API Integration

Creating Developer account, building applications in developer account, generating token (credentials), and building python code to make API calls. We have Build 8+ worker code based on API integration and 2+ work code based on screen scraping. Coming up with python logics (Python Modules) to generate OAuth Tokens, automatically Refresh Token – when OAuth token is about to expire. Figuring out the correct API parameter according to data/business requirement, GraphQL to retrieve only the needed data, using pagination(has more parameter) along with control on data range in case of multi-page data retrieval and many more.

HTML Code Scraper and Structure Compare

Nodejs code to extract a website source code and separate JavaScript(internal/external), CSS(inline/internal/external) and HTML content elements. Coming up with a logic to note down the HTML structure (i.e Website look and content) as a base version of the website. The best part is comparing the base version with the next version to find out critical content changes, and structural changes of the website, which play an important role in the UX of the website.

Code Structuring & Scalability

Code structuring for optimum flow of process control. I focus on building logic modules to organize the code into smaller pieces that are easier to manage, which enables code reuse. While creating/building code logic I always keep in mind the future scalability of logic or advance applications. Making sure we have kept sufficient ports for adding features to make logics more robust, reliable, and flexible – makes us special.


Building Mobile Friendly Website

While working at Bay Leaf Digital, we got a project where we need to make the entire client website mobile-friendly. At first, we thought to use the plugin for faster results, but we quickly found that it’s not gonna work. But in 10 – 14 days, we were able to make the entire website mobile friendly with pure CSS, media query, and JavaScript. It was a huge website though and a fun project.


Human Puppet Show – 2015

This puppet show was my 3rd show but it was very different from the rest because it was a comedy show with 14 team members and facing 300+ crowds. It was very special to me since I was responsible for scripting, costume design and organization of the entire Human puppet show. The show was a huge hit, with the effort of the entire team. It was a great show with an awesome and smart working team – we enjoyed it a lot.

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