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Python Code to Extract Data from Google Ads using Google Ads API (AdWord API)

How to get Google Ads insight (performance data) using python (Google Ads API call with Python)? Hi Everyone, hope you are keeping well. I have put together this article to help you guys in building python logic to use Google Ads APIs (AdWord API). What is Google Ads API (AdWords API)? The API provided by […]

How to Get Microsoft Advertising Account ID?

How to Get Microsoft Advertising Account details? In order to get Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads) account details, especially the account ID, there are 2 ways. First directly getting it from Microsoft advertising account dashboard, second using python code and Microsoft Advertising API to get account ID along with rest of account details. Let’s get […]

Python Code to Retrieve Data from Google Sheet using Google Sheet API

How to read Google Sheet Data using python (Google Sheet API call with Python)? Hi Everyone, hope you are doing good. In this article, we are going to walk through python logic to extract/read data from google sheets using Sheet APIs. This knowledge will help you integrate Google Sheet ( Automate data export from google […]

Python code for LinkedIn Scraping – extract profile and analytics data

How to build a Python Script to connect and scrape LinkedIn for extracting profile or analytics data. Building Applications having integration with social networks is increasingly becoming popular for various purposes. Extracting data from social channels is the key part of it. Whatever may be the purpose, connecting to social media requires your application has […]

Python Code Layout to get Facebook Campaign’s Analytics Data using Facebook Marketing API

Code structure:- Hey guys! before diving in, would like to confirm whether you have all the credentials and basic setup. Credentials you going to need ahead are – access token, app Id, app secret, and account Id. If you have it then you are good to go. In case you don’t have those credentials, no […]