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Get Started with Google Ads API | Google Ads API Setup – (AdWords API)

How to enable Google Ads API and generate credentials using google console? Hi Hope you are doing well. It’s another day to learn something fruitful. To give you an idea of what we will be learning here. The guide will help you in creating Google console projects then will be enabling Google Ads API, next […]

Python code to get marketing insight from AdRoll using AdRoll API

AdRoll Reporting API to retrieve AdRoll marketing insights. Hi Everyone, hope you are keeping well. Recently I have posted an article on Getting started with AdRoll API, this article will be a continuation of that. Here I will help you guys in building python logic (module). This python logic will be using AdRoll reporting API […]

Get Started with Google Sheet API | OAuth Authentication Setup | First API call – 2021

How to Enable Sheet API and generate credentials using the Google Console Project? Hi welcome to my blog post, hope you are doing Good. Let’s first understand what is a spreadsheet? We all have probably have used a spreadsheet once or at least aware of what the spreadsheet looks like. isn’t it. What is Spreadsheet? […]

Google Console Setup for Developers – API Setup Developers

Hi everyone, hope you are doing good. This article is all about learning how to create a project in google console and understanding how to use this project’s credentials to build our application over Google APIs. Creating a project in google console as a developer is the most important step. Because without that you won’t […]

Get Started with Microsoft Advertising API – OAuth Authentication Setup | First API call (Formerly Bing Ads)

How to generate Microsoft Developer Token? How to set up/register an app in Microsoft Azure – for generating access token and refresh token? Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well. This article will walk you through the steps to set up a developer account and get started with Bing Ads API (currently known as Microsoft […]

Understanding vs – Key Differences?

You are here because you are building your website with WordPress and now wondering, what is And What is vs Key Differences and Which One You Should Use.  You are at the right place even if you just want to have an understanding of both platforms – and and […]

HubSpot Developer Account Setup – Getting Started with HubSpot API

Howdy, wondering how you can get the HubSpot API setup done? Is it a complex process to get an access token, client id and client secret from Hubspot to use its API? Don’t worry this article will help you out in understanding the process and will be there with you while you generate all the […]

Python code for LinkedIn Scraping – extract profile and analytics data

How to build a Python Script to connect and scrape LinkedIn for extracting profile or analytics data. Building Applications having integration with social networks is increasingly becoming popular for various purposes. Extracting data from social channels is the key part of it. Whatever may be the purpose, connecting to social media requires your application has […]